The Mid Life Crisis Band Of South Jersey

Pine Barrens Festival 2016

The Mid Life Crisis Band is:

Harry Colella: Vocals, Drums, Percussion

John Schuler: Vocals, Guitars

Dan Miller: Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Janine Metzger: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion

Dr. Mike Meltzer: Vocals, Keyboards

Dave Walker: Vocals, Guitars, Percussion

Paul Colella: Vocals, Guitars

The Official Mid Life Crisis Band Photographer is Roger “Guy” Hessel

Mid-life Crisis was formed in early 2008, the by-product of our drummer getting old and wanting to re-live years when hair and girls were abundant. We are now a little older and not much better looking, but we can still play that Rock-n-Roll. Our song selections span the 1960’s to the latest songs on the radio and the net. It is all about the music and sharing great times with friends, both old and new. Come out to forget about your retirement savings and health care reform to experience a great party band!

Current Scheduled Events:

Friday, October 7 from 8 PM to 12 AM

The Flying W

60 Fostertown Road, Medford, NJ

Saturday, October 29 from 8 PM to 12 AM

The 2016 Village Pub Halloween Party

539 Chatsworth Road, Tabernacle, NJ

Costumes Welcome!

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